Lovers Paradise

Rising from it

and falling to the pits again,

I feel loved

I feel dismayed.

Too scared to love

too happy to cry,

which way to go

where to get.




Will there ever be a world

only for love

and falls?

I see your face

and I can’t take my eyes off.

Will u ever know what u cost

ever feel what my heart got?




I want to believe

and I wish to move,

and i want u to show me the way

take my may

and put my wandering heart to rest.

Here is all it ever was

all the rise and all the falls.




Blinding my eyes and pulling me fast,

spiraling down in the ocean vast.

There was no saviour

of my broken heart

no healing and start.




So come if u wish

and never let go,

every moment every breath

consuming it all

oh lovers paradise!

Be my whole

and be my loving art.