By The Hillside…

Dance and enjoy, Laugh as you will,
Get moments caught on camera,
Cuz when you return to the lonely hill,
Where no soul resides, no Jack no Jill.
Laughter there is bleak and memories rife,
There it is where you walk your true self,
There, where yearning is your stride.
Your aching heart walks you by,
The merriment becoming a distant noise.
There it is where you miss them most,
There, where they come alive.


The Summer Rains


She walked through the large glass doors into the open galleria. The sound of wind and rain cutting across the huge open space and yard next to the galleria, whooshing in her ears. It was a chilly and wet night.

Just minutes ago she had come to this party,not expecting what or rather who she had seen here just now. As she came out the singing from inside the party hall diminished. Although she could still hear it muffled.

She crossed her arms, as if trying to hold herself together. Her long black sequined dress flapping around her legs as she crossed the galleria and came to halt at its edge, over-looking the yard.

Her face and body were now exposed to the rain drops falling on her slowly making her wet. She looked out with faraway, despondent eyes. Staring at nothing. Looking straight ahead but seeing into nothingness. Only subconsciously being riveted to the voice coming from inside. Never leaving it once.

She might have looked stunned to any onlooker. She stood there for a minute, her soft features stoic, brown eyes fixed yet showing a yearning for something, someone.

Slowly her eyes shifted focus looking at the pelting rain now and she glided forth into the raining yard. Feeling comforted with the falling water. The breeze, the rain was welcome. As if seeing through her, understanding her, feeling what she felt. Crying with her.

She walked to the center of the yard and tilted her face towards the dark night sky, soaking, dripping and feeling answered by the nature God. As though by some unknown force the universe echoed the hurricane developing inside her. She stood there for how long now, she had no idea. Time seemed to have stopped. she could see nothing, feel nothing, hear nothing.

“Jennifer!”, shouted a voice from behind. Her eyes flew open, startled. Confounded.

How could he?

Why has he come for her?

Why now?

A thousand questions stormed her mind all at once. It was a voice she loved so much, yet dreaded. The same voice she had run away from few minutes back. Her heartbeat quickened with every fraction of a second until she could hear it ringing in her ears.

“Jennifer!”, he called out again, shouting it louder, more forcefully this time, in an attempt to reach her across the thundering noise of rain. Beckoning her. She dared not turn back to face him.

He is not here. This isn’t him. The voice will stop calling now. She thought.

Jennifer stood nailed to that place in denial. Wanting him to go away. Not moving once. Her brain flooding with shock, disbelief, anger and pain all at once. Seconds passed with sullen laziness, stretching forever. She could feel the blood pulsating in her vessels, her heartbeat thundering in her ears like the rain, in anticipation of what was about to happen. Suddenly as if out of nowhere a hand grabbed hers from behind and she twirled around. He stood in front of her…read more

Heaven and Earth…

I feel the hurt, I feel the pain,
I knew there never was anything to gain,
Yet I followed my heart, my inner voice,
I chose to love when I had a choice.
It bought me happiness, the whole world wide,
But like all good things, a silent death it died.
Nobody heard Nobody cried,
Eyes believe what they see, else everything is on the other side.
Pain is for earth and Love is for heavens
That my dear, is the great divide.

Thinking Of You…

It was born n fed n nourished,
It was taken, loved n cherished.
As it grew stronger and whole,
She feared, for it had a vulnerable soul.
Then as she reposed, maybe it’s found a direction,
Slipped through their hands, it broke her assumption.
Love, Oh yes, love it was.
Fresh as a dew n pure as the light of dawn,
It dies so young, whilst she treads on.